SAR NET I/S is a danish company aiming at providing high quality business consultancy in Romania and Scandinavia.

SAR NET I/S is a consulting and service firm specialized in information searching, data collecting and analyzing in the Romanian market and society.

We offer our information consulting and the other services for public institutes as well as private companies, primary in business to business (B2B) base.

We offer cost-effective solutions for companies needing highly experienced assistance on a temporary or extended basis. We bring professional competency, broad industry experience, and wide-ranging analytical capabilities that can resolve your immediate problem. We can also provide you with long term practical advice, and pragmatic solutions, for just about any challenge facing your business.

We have a reputation for delivering a high standard of client service and enablement of client success. We work very closely with our clients to gain a clear understanding of their business requirements and propose appropriate solutions best suited to their situation.

Our core businesses are:

Our working areas cover also:

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Rugmarken 34,
9670 Løgstør

Phone: +45 23 95 00 77